Traditional wine cellars, customized or modular

Whether you want to convert unused space under a staircase or create a sizable wine cellar, we can design and produce the wine storage system that will meet your expectations.

The range of our product includes modular storage systems of varying quality. We also offer a custom design service in order to create the wine cellar of your dreams.

The quality of the materials used will ensure the longevity of your wine cellar. Using the right wood type, one that is odorless and resistant to moisture, is paramount in securing optimal aging conditions for you wine. Whether you prefer a natural wood or stained with lacquer, we will carefully select the materials with you.

12° en Cave is known for its cutting-edge style. It is our belief that each project is unique and even classic and traditional cellars can be revisited. Our know-how has led us to offering classic and timeless wine cellars.

After visiting our showroom, you will appreciate the various options available to you. With a greater bank of ideas, you will then be able to be guided through the different choices and create a detailed wine cellar design .


Wine cellar designs

Using our advanced design software, we are able to conceive an accurate layout of your wine cellar giving you a reliable and true representations of the end results. Working in concert with designers and architects, you will be well-advised when choosing the layout and materials for your customized wine cellar.