Millesime storage for wine bottles

The designers at 12° en Cave have create the Millesime: a complete range of contemporary wine storage solutions. Elegant and refined, this patented system highlights your wine bottles and allows for a 360° view of your collection with perfect aesthetics on all sides. Whether one wishes to place the bottles horizontally or at an angle, incorporate a counter or wooden display box, the configuration options are endless.

Easy to install, the Millesime wine storage system can be incorporated into a glass cellar as well as a classic wine cave, or it can simply be used as a decorative feature in one's home.


Alliance between aluminium and wood

Allying anodized aluminium and solid wood, Millesime is versatile and modern. Acrylic is another material that can used instead of wood and for an even more modern style the entirety of the project can be made with aluminium. It's ceiling-to-floor fastening system, equipped with telescopic legs, allows for free positioning. If it is not possible to affix the Millesime to the ceiling, wall attachments are also available.

Millesime pictures

Our online store offers a wide array of options available for the Millesime units. A complete and detailed guide will help you set up and configure the units as you need them. If further assistance is required for a custom project, our personalized service is also available on our website.