Cooling units

To ensure an optimal environment for the extended aging of your wine, specific conditions must be followed. 12° en Cave specialists can advise you on the different types of cooling units while meeting your sound and design needs.

A wine cellar must be perfectly insulated to maintain a constant cool temperature and a relatively high humidity level. To be effective, a cooling unit must be carefully chosen and properly installed. Here is quick overview of some units that we offer:

The single-piece

The single-piece cooling unit is the most economical option. This type of unit comes with a built-in evaporator and condenser. It is installed in a inner wall of your house and must vent to an adjacent interior ventilated space close to the ceiling. It's installation is simple but must be properly done according to manufacturing instructions. The device will be visible and exhaust air must never be obstructed in any way.

The single-piece with ducts

The single-piece with ducts can be installed inside or out of the wine cellar. While this unit is visually low-key but it's installation is more complex.

The « Split » system

The split system is a cooling unit which has 2 components. The evaporator is installed inside of the wine cellar while the condenser and compressor are installed outside of the wine room, air supply and return ducts come through the home's wall. This high performance hybrid system is the quietest and the most efficient on the market. Only a qualified refrigeration technician can install this type of unit.

Overview of available compressors