Contemporary and modern wine storage

At 12° en Cave we love innovation. We are determined to create and reinvent, which is why we have created several ranges of contemporary wine storage arrangements combining metal, wood acrylic and other materials.

Cable wine storage

Cable Wine is one of many original options for storing your wine bottles. This system, which is comprised of stainless steel cables, provides a spectacular impression that your wine bottles are floating on air. The Cable Wine system can be integrated into a traditional wine cellar, where it will add an impressing touch of modernism.

Easy to order, simply provide us with the dimensions of your space once it is completed. However, it's installation requires careful preparation . We invite you to visit us at our showroom or feel free to contact us for more information.

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Wine Peg wall storage

12° en Cave offers a large selection of metal wine storage systems designed to be wall-mounted. Whether you wish to create a large and linear wine cellar using wine pegs or wish to display a few bottles using a simple design, various options are available. The wine peg can be combined with wood and acrylic panels.

Vinox perforated tubes

The perforated stainless steel tubes called Vinox are a unique and original way to exhibit bottles. They consist of a ceiling-to-floor fastening system which allows for an impressive storage arrangement.

Vintage View wine racks

Looking for a modular wall mount system made of metal ? Vintage View wine storage will meet your needs. Offered in various sizes and finishes, this renowned wine storage system can be integrated in virtually any wine cellar project.